measuring process

1.Communicate before starting the measuring process

The fundamental and beginning of designing a He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System are based on the analysis done from the measurement result. Besides demonstrating the professionalism and influence power of a Canai’s Consultant, it could also enhance the customer’s desire to purchase. Wrong measurement and inaccurate analysis causing errors in the measuring process would cause curiosity and doubts in the customers, leading to the loss of sales. A Canai’s Consultant should be able to lead customers into a comfortable state where she would be able relax, without doubt and fear, easing the closing of sales.

The consultant should clarify on how the measurement is done and highlight the importance and benefits of correct measurement to the customer in a passionate, gentle, professional and serious manner, from both female and professional consultant aspects, based on the strong Scientific support recorded. The consultant should also inform the customer that the measuring process of free of charge.

Communication Examples

  1. From my experience as a body shaping consultant for years, I believe you can be more beautiful if you could improve your bodyline slightly. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is designed for women who already own a beautiful bodyline. For people with damaged bodyline, it would be tough. So you must really take care of the beautiful figure you have. Once the damage is done, it is hard to recover. Let us go into our Spectrum Experience Room to do some quick measurements, to help protect your body shape.
  2. From my experience as a body shaping consultant for years, I believe you may need our assistance in improving your figure. Let us go into our Spectrum Experience Room to do some quick measurements. I can tell you how to protect your bodyline.
  3. Our measuring process is free. We can do a quick measurement for you even if you do not purchase, just so you understand your body shape and measurement I can also share some tips with you on how to protect your bodyline.
  4. I have been in the industry for years and I believe you may require assistance to improve your bodyline. Let me give you some tips. You do not have to purchase if you do not want to. Let us go into our Spectrum Experience Room for a quick check.
  1. Oh, it seems like you are wearing a wrong bra. Let us go into our Spectrum Experience Room, so that I can share some suggestions with you.
  2. You have been wearing body reshaping bodysuit. This means that you understand the importance of improving your bodyline with bodysuit. It’s great to know that! But do you know that the bodysuit that you are wearing had damages your bodyline? I have been in the industry for many years and understand the worries and concerns that females have against body reshaping bodysuit. The bodycare industry is evolving at fast pace. More and more better products were developed and produced to help people achieve better outlook. Many of the women now are into He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System due to its modern and trendy designs. Would you like to do a quick measurement? Let us go into our Spectrum Experience Room and see how we can help you.
  3. Have you tried body reshaping bodysuit? (If this is a first time customer): You may feel uncomfortable and shy, but do not worry. We are women too, and we understand your need. So do not be shy. (If it is not the customer’s first time): No wonder you seem pretty knowledgeable about it.
  4. (If the prospect has bad body shape and is shy to have a trial): You only need to reshape your bodyline You are already in better condition if compared to other customers. They have also tried, so you do not have to worry, just come with me, we will reshape your bodyline for you. You do not have to be afraid nor shy.

Help the customers to remove her clothes to ensure accurate measurement. Customers may be worried at this time. They may wonder if the changing room is safe; or overly concerned about her existing body shape; or if she has any odor or sweat; or just feel shy when she is naked. Spectrum consultants should offer gentle care at this time and carry the conversation in a caring and professional manner. The consultant should console the prospect to reduce her discomfort. This could help in the measuring process and closing of sales.

Communication Examples

  1. Can I help you? It could help to ensure accurate measurement. Our measuring process is very detailed and precise. Any slight error could affect the result and effectiveness of the products. Therefore, we have to be very particular and careful about this.
  2. Please relax. We are professionally trained and the changing room is safe. We will take good care of you.
  3. I will hang your clothes for you, so that it would not get crumbled. You can put it back on later.
  4. It is ok, we are both women. You do not have to be shy.
  5. You are sweating. Let me help you to wipe it off. It is ok, we are here to help. You do not have to be Feel free to let us know if you should need our assistance in the future.

2. Take these into consideration during the measuring process

  1. It is important to praise the customer’s bodyline with true sincerity. This is because it could: 1) Make the customer feels good; 2) Increase customer’s confidence in improving her own bodyline; and 3) Enhance your care and love towards the customer.
  2. Do not directly condemn the customer’s bodyline or attempt to make her angry. For example, a customer with broad waistline, you should not comment that waistline is broad. You may consider using sentences like: overall, you have a good body shape, it is just that you need to improve on your waistline which is now slightly broader than the other parts of your body. I can help you to improve this immediately. Do the same for other parts of the body.
  3. Respect the customer’s body by handling it with Avoid touching parts that are not involved. Best to inform customers of your next move before taking action.
  4. Customer’s bodyline is a secret. Do not read or mention those numbers loudly. Do not repeat unless necessary, but keep it low to avoid causing discomfort to the customer.
  5. Write the measurements of every part on the measurement table immediately after the measuring Ensure the measurements are accurate. Repeat the process only if necessary and apologize for having to do so.
  6. Be quiet inside the changing room to reflect your professionalism and seriousness about it. Remember to smile of respect. Be friendly, warm and patient. Do not give comment(s) about any wound, scar, spot or birthmark on the customer’s body to avoid causing
  7. If the customer is sweating or has odor, offer your assistance to clean them off. Remember not to show any facial expression that would cause discomfort or
  8. Remember to take with you all the necessary equipments and tools before entering the changing room. Do not let the customer wait in the room.
  9. If it happens to be the customer’s menstrual period, do not force the customer to process with the measuring on the hip and other lower parts.
  10. Customer’s belongings should be kept by professional officer. Please remind customer to bring their valuable items with them into the changing room to avoid losing them.
  11. Spectrum consultant should help to keep the customer’s clothing properly after they took them Customer’s shoes should be placed with the tips facing out by the changing room, to ease customer putting them on again.

3.Ensure that these materials and equipments are prepared before the measuring process

  • Customer’s file with measuring table to record the measurements
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Design notebook
  • Towel or tissues
  • Powder

4.Accurate measuring process

Things to be careful

Insist for the customer to stand straight when measuring the top and request for the customer to squat when measuring the waist and lower areas of the body.

Fundamental knowledge

Upper bustline: The measurement circling the body area which is of parallel of the nipples, passing them. Lower bustline: The measurement circling the body area which is of parallel of the bottom of the breasts. BB: The distance between the nipples

BP: The distance between inner part of the shoulders and the nipples

Waistline: The measurement circling the body area which is of parallel of the curve of the elbows.

Upper waist: The distance from the waist to the heels Hipline: The measurement circling the body area which is of parallel of highest raised section of the buttock.

Upper hip: The distance from the highest part of the hip to the heels

Abdomen width: The measurement circling the body area which is of parallel of 3cm from the navel which is slightly raised.

Shoulder width: The parallel distance between the armpits

Thigh width: The measurement circling the widest part of the thigh

The Legs: The distance from the bottom of the hip to the ankle

The right measurement for your bust, waist and hiplines

Measuring the BB: Measurement should be done without touching any part of the body. When conducting the measurement, the beauty consultant should stand straight facing the customer. The measuring tape should not be in contact with the nipples, but to be hold slightly below them, at the parallel level. The measurement is the distance between two nipples.

Measuring the BP: The beauty consultant to stand straight facing the customer and touches the customer’s clavicle with her third finger of her left hand while holding the measuring tape with her right. Press onto the inner side of the breasts where the nipples are for measurement reading.

Upper bustline:

The beauty consultant should stand straight facing the customer to measure the circle which is parallel of the nipples.

  1. If the breasts are firm, measure the breast area circling it from behind at the parallel level without squeezing the breasts
  • If the breasts have sagged, gently lift the breasts to measure the area circling it at the parallel level.
  1. Lift both breasts with your hands. Look straight to confirm that the breasts are at their most natural positions before starting the measurement from the back, circling the breasts.

Lower bustline:

The beauty consultant should stand straight facing the customer to measure the bottom of the breast in a circle, holding the measuring tape with the left hand. Read the measurement at the bottom of the tape.

  1. If the breasts have sagged, lift them gently and place the measuring tape under the breasts, circling the body at the parallel level.
  2. Circling the measuring tape at the parallel level, lift up the shoulders and inhale deeply. Exhale and relax the body for the measurement.

Measuring the waistline

The beauty consultant should stand facing the customer to measure the abdomen area. Circle the body area which is of an inch from the naval. Hold the measuring tape with the left hand and read the measurement at the bottom of the tape.

If the waist is too slim:

  1. The perfect waistline should be parallel with the elbow level
  2. Stand straight. If the slimmest area of the waistline is lower than the elbow, measurement can be done
  3. Make sure that the measuring tape is not too tight nor too loose. Best to conduct the measuring when one is most relax.

If waistline is wide:

  1. If the waistline is too wide and you cannot locate waistline, conduct the measurement on part which is parallel to elbow.
  2. Make sure that the measuring tape is not too tight nor too loose. Best to conduct the measuring when one is most relax, after a deep breath.

Measuring the tummy

  1. Measure the area from the side is more accurate than measuring it from the front.
  2. Look for the most raised area from the side and start circling it at the parallel level.
  3. If it is hard to locate the spot, put the measuring tape circling the most raised area from the top half of the pelvis and start the measurement there. If the tummy is too sharp and measuring tape keeps falling, use finger to press onto the tape to ensure that it is circling the area at the parallel level.

Measuring the hipline

Stand at the most natural position in your most relaxing mode (keep your legs slightly open, parallel with the shoulders)

Put a mirror slightly behind you to ensure that your body is parallel with the mirror before conducting the measurement.

Please note: Keep the measuring tape at the parallel level at all times

  1. Measure the hipline from the side is more accurate than measuring it from the front.
  2. Observe the most raised area at the hip and start the measurement at that point.

5.Analyze the less perfect parts and their reasons

After accurately conducted the measuring process, Spectrum Consultant should analyze the body shape of the customer in a clear manner and inform the customer her perfect and imperfect parts and their reasons. Emphasize how He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System can help to improve these imperfect parts. In general, these are the reasons why females should use He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System to improve their bodyline:

  1. Saggy Breasts
  2. Expanding Breasts
  3. Meaty yet flat bustline
  4. Slim and flat bustline
  5. Segregated, flabby Breasts
  6. Fat accumulating at the abdomen area
  7. No waistline
  8. Tummy
  9. Three layer fats accumulating at the abdomen area
  10. Saggy Hips
  11. Wide, saggy thighs
  12. Flat buttock
  1. Saggy breasts

Pregnant women do not like wearing bras, causing the breasts to sag, especially if she was breast feeding after delivery. How confident that you can prevent your breasts from sagging after an entire year of not wearing bra and breast feeding? In general, women with saggy breasts should select bra with lifting effect of which the cup shapes are significantly higher and deeper than others to wrap up the entire breasts.

  1. Expanding breasts

If the gap between two breasts is too wide, even if you have full breasts, they still seem flat, creating an illusion that you are fat, causing you to stay away from low cut and strapless outfits. This could be congenital or acquire. The reason to this is either wearing bras that put pressure on the breasts or selecting wrong cutting’s outfits that put pressure on the center of the breasts, causing them to expand outwards.

In order to keep the breasts staying the right spot, you may select bras with wire and thick lining at the bottom, holding the breasts at the center area instead of allow them to expand outwards by stabling them with the thick lining. Ensure that the gap between the breasts is not too far apart. Choose cups that are slightly slanting out. This could strengthen the pull from the center and enhance the cleavage while pushing back the expanding flesh back to the right spot.

  1. Fat yet flat breasts

Choosing the wrong bras could cause ladies with well developed body having flat breasts. Professional body shaping consultants recognized that it is important to select the right type of bra during development period. It is necessary to change your bras according to your growth, from cup A to B, to C and so on. Do not neglect it even if the growing process is slow.

Wearing cup A for too long would cause your breasts to be squeezed into the cup while the flesh keeps expanding into your arms, upper breast and upper abdomen areas. This could cause your upper body, not your breasts, looking big.

Many women are worry about their small breasts, hence pushing and lifting them up with thick padding or wearing thick, shaped bras to create a nice figure illusion, without realizing that this effect is temporary. In fact, the thick pads would put pressure on your breasts causing them to become flatter. Be careful with the bras you select. You need to choose bras with sufficient depth to cover the entire breasts and spacious enough at the top to hold and pull back the expanding flesh.

  1. Slim and flat bustline

Having the above body shape could be a nightmare. If it is inherited, we are afraid that we are unable to assist. We cannot do miracles with body shaping bodysuit. In fact, the padded bras are catered to this group of people.

If you are not sure if you are inherited, you must be careful when selecting padded bras. Thick padded bras could squeeze the breasts tightly, giving them with no room to grow, especially during the development stage. If you have been selecting this type of bras since young, this may the main reason to why you are having flat breasts. (Just think, how many shoe sizes we have since young? Why not do the same for bras? This is the reason why your breasts are flat.)

Do not choose bras with thick padding. The right type of bras should be thin at the top and thick at the bottom with water or aroma therapy essence bags). The cup size cannot be too small as we need to leave room for them to expand into, providing them with sufficient space to grow as well as improving the shape of the breasts. Ladies with small breasts may select bras with thick straps, lifting the breasts from the top, giving a fuller look.

  1. Segregated, flabby Breasts

People with the above bodyline are confirmed to have problems other than a less beautiful and attractive beautiful and attractive body shape. It was hard for them to have firm breasts. Their breasts are segregated into two sections: top and bottom. This happens one wears body fitting or slightly transparent outfits.

This does not happen by nature, but caused by mechanical reasons such as wearing smaller sized bras. Some females are fleshier with bigger breasts. However, they were hoping that smaller bras are able help tighten their body, making them look slimmer. Therefore, they chose to put on a smaller bra, with lower bustline of 72cm even when their lower bustlines are 78cm. There are also people who chose to wear A sized bra instead of C. If the bra has a thin bottom support, it would got into the flesh and become loose and flabby in the long run. This is the main cause to this body shape. Bras with smaller cup size are unable to hold the surrounding flesh, causing the meat to extend to the sides and abdomen area. To improve this problem, change into the correct bra with right cup size, covering the extending flesh with the bra comfortable. A full or 1/2 cup bra is considered the right kind of bra as it could hold the flesh from the sides and upper abdomen area back to the right place for people who are fleshier with bigger breasts.

  1. Fat accumulating at the abdomen area

In this modern days and age, many ladies like to wear body-fitting clothes. Ladies with accumulated fat at the abdomen area may not look good in such outfits as clumps of meat would be oozing out from the bottom of their breasts, giving the impression that they have small breasts. Their cleavages would not show because the smaller bras that they are wearing have loose ends, unable to provide sufficient support to the breasts causing the flesh to extend out of the bras into the abdomen area.

Body reshaping bras should be able to hold the flesh from the upper abdomen area back to the right place, allowing sufficient room for the breasts to extend. It is best to select right, comfortable bras with wide side and bottom lining which could help in protecting the stomach. Besides, it is also best to select bras with wider cups and wires at the bottom. The wire is able to keep the flesh in the bras, preventing it to extend out of the bra, lifting the breasts, giving a perfect,firm appearance. After enhancing the breasts and tightening the abdomen, you can now wear body-fitting outfits. You would look a lot better now! With a beautiful, lifted bodyline, you would look younger and prettier!

7.No waistline

Fat is the main reason to losing your waistline. Many women above 40s would lost their waistline. But today, the younger generation who are not fat may experience the same problem too, due to the wrong selection and wearing of bras.

When you think you are slim, you tend to purchase tighter bras and trousers. The fat at the bottom of the bras and upper part of the tight pants would gather at the waistline. Therefore, in order to have firm breasts and slim waistline, one should move the fat accumulated at the abdomen area back to the right place — the flesh at the bottom of the bra to stay in the bra while the accumulated fat at the top of the waist should be moved to the hips.

The fastest way to improve this is to tighten your waist for a period of time, ensuring the waistline stay at the right place — the area parallel to the elbow when hands are down at a relaxing mode. This is to tightening your waistline by dividing the flesh at your waist into two sections. You do not have to immediately put on slimming pants. When you are reshaping your bodyline with bodysuit, you must be patient and careful. When the flesh at your waist is being reshaped, they tend to move towards the upper or lower direction. The body shaping bodysuit would either move up or down. Therefore, we must first ensure that the fat at this area is rightly positioned before keeping them there with body shaping bra and slimming pants. The right and perfect body shaping process encourages user to take one step at a time. Spectrum Consultant should provide the right body shaping solution according to the problem the customer is facing and ensure the best result.


The main reason that a lot of young ladies are having a tummy is because they tend to wear low-cut panties or slimming pants, or tight skirt and trousers. To improve, they just need to change back to high-waist panties or slimming pants, or put on looser skirt and trousers. To flatten your tummy, you may select tight slimming pants that are able to reshape your hips. It should be able to cover your entire waist area, providing good flexibility and room to sustain the flesh around the area. This could help flattening your tummy while reshaping a specific area one step at a time.

9.Three layer fats accumulating at the abdomen area

You must first find out the causes to this problem before you can tackle it effectively. Check your inner garments to ensure that they are of the right size and not too small. Do you tend to wear inner garments that are a size smaller just because you want to look smaller or slimmer? Do you know that this could cause the accumulation of fats at your abdomen area? The flesh above your panties, slimming pants, and skirts or trousers would accumulate due to the tight clothes you put on, causing the accumulation of three fat layers at the abdomen.

In order to get rid of this, you must select soft, comfortable panties. Straight, cotton made panties are able to reduce cellulites at your buttocks. After the improvement, you should then reshape your hip by choosing the right slimming pants that are able to help in body reshaping. Make sure you are wearing slimming pants with high-waistline as they are able to help reshape your waist and your thighs.

10.Saggy Hips

Wearing panties that are too loose or small, or bikini, T-string panties that do not cover the entire buttock could cause cellulite accumulation. This fat that was squeezed out of the panties would move downward, causing saggy hips, damaging your body figure.

You should select comfortable panties with good elasticity, with straight cut bottom. Use your hand to move the flesh into the panty, lifting the hips. The straight cut at the bottom of the panty is able to prevent the flesh from extending out. This could help in stabilizing the flesh at the hip area. Make sure to select panties with the right waistline so that they could help provide lifting effect at the hip area too.

11.Wide, saggy thighs

Tight underwear would cause the flesh at the hip area to be squeezed and pressured, causing saggy hips and the accumulation of cellulites at the thighs. This would add pressure onto the lower part of the body, making it looks heavier than the top. This condition is difficult to be improved with reshaping bra and slimming pants.

The only way to improve this condition is to wear reshaping bodysuit for a longer period of time. When putting on the suit, users have to pull the flesh from the thighs back to the right spot, lifting the hips. This is the only way to push the flesh from the thighs back to the hips, where it belongs.

12.Flat buttock

When the flesh at the hip and thigh areas is clearly divided, one would then have a firm buttock with lifted hips and slim thighs, demonstrating a beautiful hipline and smooth body shape. Ladies who have extending flesh at the hips would seem to have flat buttock. This happens when the flesh at the hips extends into the thighs, blurring the division of the two areas.

This is the result of wearing smaller or tighter underwear. The tightness put pressure on hips causing the flesh at the buttock to sag, losing its firmness and shape. It is easy to improve this condition – Select full cut underwear instead of bikini underwear. Ensure the division between the hips and the thighs are clear by lifting the flesh from the thighs to the hips. Select underwear with good elasticity, allowing the flesh to comfortably fit into it, without pressuring it. Put on a body shaping slimming pants to sustain the flesh from the abdomen area, flattening the tummy and slimming the thighs. You will see the improvement after some time. A beautiful hipline would appear.