Varicose veins

Varicose veins are not scary

Teacher zhang has been cultivating the teaching circle for many years, a few years ago, he found a lump like an earthworm under the skin of both crus. Doctors told him it was a varicose vein, and surgery was necessary to treat it thoroughly. Mr. Zhang was worried about the trauma of the operation and did not make up his mind. Who knows the leg “earthworm” more and more, more and more thick, the legs are heavy, now stand to speak a lesson all feel laborious. Zhang decided to have an operation. But even if the hospital’s treatment is successful, it’s important to keep wearing them for a period of time when discharged from the hospital. Isn’t there any way to improve varicose veins in the early days?

Causes of varicose veins
The incidence of varicose veins is related to genetic and environmental factors. The superficial veins of the lower extremities are not sufficiently developed at birth, and the acquired factors such as standing, heavy physical labor, pregnancy, chronic cough and constipation make the vein system in the state of “overload” for a long time. So, stand for long, sit for long or the crowd with physical labor intensity high hair, if teacher, worker, farmer, medical personnel.

The harm of varicose veins
The most obvious manifestation of varicose veins of the lower extremities is the “earthworm” varicose veins in the legs. At the initial stage, it only affects the appearance. With the progress of the disease, local pigmentation of the lower extremities will gradually appear, and I will also feel heavy, acid distension and fatigue. For a long time, it is also prone to thrombotic phlebitis, eczema, ulcer, hemorrhage and other adverse consequences. It is not only troublesome to deal with, but also prone to recurrent attacks, seriously affecting the quality of life of patients.

Canai spectrum
If you find that you have varicose veins like “little worms” on your leg, you should pay close attention to the progress of the disease. Gele spectrum socks are recommended for daily work and activities. If “earthworm” grows up, have apparent heavy, lack of power to wait for feeling, should consider active treatment. For varicose veins of lower extremities, the previous classic treatment is surgical treatment, with a wide range of surgery, obvious discomfort, such as postoperative pain, and a longer recovery time is required. Prevention is better than cure, and galley spectrum foot socks will certainly help you.

Cases of improvement of varicose veins by Canai-spectrum  socks:

Cases of improvement of varicose veins by Canai-spectrum  socks:


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In the traditional Chinese medicine has the phrase “every cancer is crus meridian flow”, but is not necessarily the calf meridian not accumulate cancer, but it must be difficult miscellaneous certificate such as psoriasis, vitiligo, ichthyosis, mandatory spondylitis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, diabetes, ms palace cold, menstrual cramps, ovarian cyst, hysteromyoma, endometrial thickness, the symptom such as menstrual quantity is little and calf meridian not clear there is a direct relationship.
When the meridians of the lower leg are not clear or proud flesh appears, the arthritis of the lower leg will be caused, the curvature of the meridians, the necrosis of the lower limbs, rheumatoid arthritis, uterine cold dysmenorrhea, the kidney function under, the chronic symptoms such as sangao disease, diabetes and myocardial blood supply deficiency, cold hands and feet are directly related to the blocked meridians of the lower leg.