Spectrum Concept Question And Answer

  1. I am in the midst of on dieting. Let’s discuss this after the result in two months.

Oh, it is great that you are in the midst of dieting. You can wear it to enhance the improvement. Our Spectrum Shape-Up System can offer healthcare benefits while helping you to obtain an S figure. Dieting can help to reduce weight, but by using the Spectrum Shape-Up System, you can have a healthier, more beautiful and firmer skin. Isn’t it great?

  1. I would not buy now. Let’s see the result on her

Please do not have such thinking. As long as you can accurately put on the Body reshaping system, you will be able to see its effect. You can be rest assured of its effectiveness as many people had the same concern as you at the beginning, and they have all witnessed the effectiveness of the products now. We let our products speak for themselves. In fact, any woman should have at least one or two sets of this body reshaping system. Our Spectrum Shape-Up System combines the healthcare and body slimming functions. It is the best selection for women who wish to reshape their bodyline as well as protect their health. Since we would need to wear it one day, it is best to start early. Why would you wait to see the results on other people? Put it on now and you would witness the same result and have a beautiful bodyline as her.

  1. My daughter is studying in secondary school. She is growing up. Can she wear it?

Of course, she can. The body shaping effect is the strongest when one is growing up. Wearing this system at this time does not only help the child to have the best bodyline, but also receive its healthcare benefits, enhancing the growing up and development process.

  1. Can we wear this product during menstrual?

In fact, it is best to wear it during menstrual as the Spectrum Shape-Up System can release energy to reduce menstrual pain and promote metabolism, easing and cleaning the menstrual flow, improving the cold hands and feet condition.

      5.My sister brought me one from Hong Kong for about RM5,000. I felt uncomfortable wearing it. Maybe it is not suitable for me?

Our products are able to help improve sub-health conditions; hence they are suitable for everyone. If you like to use them as body shaping suit, they would not be too tight nor pressure. You will feel comfortable wearing this fitting bodysuit.

  1. My friend used to wear slimming pants. Because it was too tight and hot, it caused inflammation at the urinary system. Doctorencouraged her not to wear it.

You are right. Body shaping suit can only provide effective body slimming result when it is tight. However, it could block the micro-circulation of the body, affecting metabolism and causing many health related problems. Our Spectrum Shape-Up System offers the opposite as it is not too tight nor pressuring, but fitting enough to help reshape the bodyline as well as effectively improve the micro-circulation , promoting metabolism, relieving and regulating various sub-health conditions. Therefore, you can be rest assured that you would not experience the same condition. Relax, and just put it on!

  1. I am young with good figure. Do I need to wear it?

It is good to have such confident. Your figure is pretty good now. But did you have the same bodyline when you were 15? Do you think you will have the same body figure in 5 or 10 years time?

Having a good bodyline is an asset. If you can keep this bodyline until you are 30, 40 or 50 years old, then it would be your best asset. Start protecting it now. Prevention is always better than cure.

Moreover, our products are meant to offer healthcare benefits; hence everyone, of any age, can use it.

  1. I like colorful designs. Do you have other designs and colors?

It is not the bra that should be beautiful, but what is within. Spectrum Shape-Up System is a high-tech, soft device in a form of an inner garment that could offer body shaping effect. Unlike ordinary inner garment, it could help to reshape bodyline, offering the best combinations of bust, waist and hip lines to any female. Our products are of International standards and are chic and trendy, that match well with any outfits. Even the International Etheticians agree that they are of the sexiest colors.

  1. I have put on a lot of weight after given birth. I had tried many weight management systems and they failed to sustain, resulting to yoyo effect. My husband does not want me to go on diet anymore and promised that he would love me no matter how I look. I do not want to purchase any.

Anyone likes to have beautiful things. I am sure that your husband would like the beautiful you forever and wish for you to be happy and healthy. You are so lucky to have such a loving husband. He does not allow you to go on diet anymore is because he loves you and does not want you to suffer. You should listen to your husband. The previous weight management programs you have been through may not be right and suitable. They have not only failed you, but also affected your health. Anyone who experiences yo-yo effect would easily experience dizziness, fatigue and drowsiness. With aging, obesity could also cause diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high lipid and hardening of the arteries, etc. Therefore, you should not under estimate the effects of obesity. You have tried many weight management programs and they have re-bounced. This was because you have not found the right body reshaping tool and effective slimming device. Now, you do not have to be worry anymore as He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is able to offer you a comfortable, healthy, safe, convenient and time-saving environment for you to improve your bodyline. Our product puts priority on improving your health. Just give it a try and you may be surprised!

     10.I am not young anymore and already a mother. Do I still need to use it?

Who says mothers do not need to be healthy? Who says mothers do not need beauty? You have been working hard throughout the years, for your husband, children and family. You have missed out a lot when you were young. You have wasted a lot of time. Now, with your improved lifestyle, you can rest and relax, loving yourself more. Please do not give yourself any excuse to regret in the future.