Spectrum Products Question And Answer

  1. Why do you called your body shaping bodysuit a system?

Well, looking at its form, it is indeed a body shaping bodysuit. But in fact, our products are made of exquisite materials that can help to improve micro-circulation, promote metabolism, enhance cell vitality, strengthen immune system, etc. The functions of the product are fairly similar to the treatment device; hence it is called a high-tech soft device.

  1. Why do you make it into an inner garment if it is a system?

We know that the traditional treatment devices need to be plugged in and are big, heavy and hard to carry, causing a lot of inconveniences. Our Spectrum Shape-Up System does not need to be plugged in, easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere, without limitations. However, since Spectrum System can only function and offer the best result with body heat, inner garment seems to be the best selection to fit the requirement. Our inner garment is able to offer body reshaping function when it is in touch with the female body, allowing them to enjoy the secondary benefits of the product.

  1. How does your system able to regulate sub-health conditions?

He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System uses spectrum fiber that release spectrum energy when in touch with human body. This spectrum energy is fairly similar to the vibration of tissue cell. Therefore it is easy for it to generate resonance with our tissue cell, promoting our blood circulation, increasing our body heat to about 1 .8 degree.

The increase of body heat would enhance the enzyme vitality in our body, increasing the breakdown of toxic and promoting metabolism. It also helps to activate cells, balance the pH level, improving our health.

The increase of body heat could promote blood circulation, bringing more nutrition to the cells, providing food and nutrition to the hungry and dying cells, achieving healthy and active body.

  1. What are the product’s functions? How is it different from other body shaping bodysuit?

He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is a high-tech soft device that could regulate sub-health conditions and improve bodyline.

The different between the system and other body shaping bodysuit is that He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is a system in a form of an inner garment that can regulate sub-health conditions while the other body shaping suit is merely an inner garment. Looking from the body shaping aspect, He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System also provides the below functions that other body shaping suit does not offer:

He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is different from the other inner garments as it does not cause tightness and pressure to the body, affecting blood circulation, resulting to dizziness. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System was designed to offer fitting but not tight feeling to the body, satisfying female’s need in a comfortable and healthy way.

5.Isn’t it just an inner garment? How does it able to regulate sub-health conditions?

Our product looks like an inner garment but in fact, it is a treatment device. Made by exquisite, high-tech materials, it can improve sub-health conditions. These materials would release spectrum energy when in touch with the human skin, enhancing our micro-circulation, promoting metabolism and improving the sub-health condition we have.

6.My friend has told me that the Spectrum System is able to provide healthcare benefits. Is it true?

Of course it is true. Many of our clients had good experiences and saw effective results.

(You may continue with the answer from the question above)

7.My friend has told me that your body reshaping bodysuit can treat illnesses. What are the illnesses it can treat?

I am sorry to inform you that our products cannot treat illnesses. In fact, all body shaping suits are unable to treat illnesses. Please do not believe it if anyone tells you that they are able to treat illnesses as it is not true. Our product is a high-tech, soft device in the form of an inner garment that could help regulate sub-heath conditions.

8.Why do I need to wear He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System?

Because it can help to regulate sub-health conditions and improve body figure, improving our health and providing us with a beautiful bodyline. That is why you must wear the system.

9.It was said that the He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System does not need to be cleaned for weeks. Wouldn’t it have smell?

He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System uses nano silver ion technology which is able to offer anti-bacteria and anti-odor functions. Therefore it would not smell even if it was continuing used for a few days. As to your question on whether to wash after a week or two of usage, our professionals recommend for the system to be cleaned every 1 -2 days to maintain its cleanliness.

  1. How does He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System able to offer anti-bacteria and anti-odor functions?

He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System uses nano silver ion technology and the silver ion is able to absorb the mirco-organism from the fluid, killing the enzyme that affects the respiratory function.

  1. Why do some users have specific reactions after using your products while others do not?

It is common to have reaction or without reaction after using our products.

The main function of our products is to regulate sub-health condition. Some people experience worse condition would have reaction after using it. Different people would have different experience. Some whose conditions are not as bad may not experience any reaction, or the reaction takes longer to surface. For those who experience any reaction, you should persist. Things would get better after the adaptation period. As for those who do not feel anything, please persist as well because it is a good prevention tool to keep us healthy.

  1. Why do different users experience different kind of reactions after using He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System?

The effectiveness of He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System varies, depending on individual’s health condition and well-being. Some people may reaction fast, as fast as just putting it on for a few minutes; while some may only feel it after a month or longer. Some people would experience strong reaction, such as vomiting, diarrhea, aching throughout the body, which are normal.

  1. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is so loose and comfortable. Are you sure that it would be effective in reshaping our bodyline?

The main function of our products is to offer healthcare benefits to the users. If you would like to have additional advantages and special request, you may inform our Spectrum Consultant and they would assist you accordingly.

  1. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is suitable for what type of users?

Canai Specturm Shape-Up System offers healthcare benefits. Hence it is suitable for anyone who wishes to be healthy.

  1. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System can help in slimming?

In fact, He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is not a professional slimming tool. But we do have customers who claim that they see significant improvement in their body weight and shape after using the product.

  1. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System can help to burn fat? I’m already slim enough, can I wear it?

Of course you can. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is able to offer duo benefits – regulating the metabolism and absorption process. To those who are slim, the product is able to regulate the functions

of the stomach and intestine, enhancing the nutrition absorption, increasing the weight accordingly while reshaping the bodyline of the user, providing her with fitting bust, waist and hip lines.

  1. I feel very comfortable with the normal bras. When I put on the He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System, I feel a bit tight at the armpit area. Isn’t its cut too high?

This is normal. The normal bras are lack in elasticity, especially the padded bras which would cause pressure on the breasts, causing a lump of flesh accumulating at the armpit area. You are used to the loose bras, hence the accumulated flesh would become bigger and bigger. When you put on the He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System which could perfectly cover the entire breasts, you will feel a little discomfort at the beginning but it is totally alright. Keep it on for a few more days and you will feel better.

  1. It is so hot in the Summer. How can we keep wearing it?

It is common to have such thinking. But if the weather is really hot, even if you do not wear anything, you will still be feeling hot.

One will feel warm with clothes on during Summer is because the heat and sweat from the body were unable to be excreted immediately, hence the uncomfortable, warm feeling. He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is made by exquisite materials that could excrete heat and moist 6 times faster than usual materials, enabling the fast excretion of heat and sweat from our body, keeping us comfortable even when using it during Summer.

Many customers have witnessed this and some also claimed that wearing He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System during Summer is more comfortable and cooling than not wearing it.

  1. How long before I can feel the effectiveness of the product? Has there been precedent that does not show any improvement?

What is your expectation? Is it reshaping your bodyline or regulating your health? Anyhow, both of these effects vary depending on the individual.

Many testimonies have proven that people experienced body reshaping effect within 24 hours of usage while others experienced healthcare benefits a few minutes after putting it on.

Our product is 100% effective! Many people did not realize its effectiveness at first, but eventually, they would find that their health has improved. For example some used to be afraid of cold and are prone to flu. After using our product for a period of time, they no longer feel cold. They have more energy and are move vitalized now. These are all the results seen from our testimonials.

  1. I have already put on a Spectrum system, but why do I still have so much fat at my back?

Fat is not accumulated in a day. Therefore, you need to be patient when it comes to reshaping your bodyline. You must persistently put on the product for more than 8 hours daily for at least 3 to 6 months. Then you will see significant improvement. Your fat at your back will also become less. I am very confident that

I would be able to help you to improve your current body shape because I have helped many friends to improve their figures, despite what their shapes were. As long as you trust me, I will be able to help improve your bodyline.

  1. Can your product helps in breast enhancement?

Yes, it can. We have many testimonies on breast enhancement. The effects are significant! Many of our customers have already changed into a few bigger cup sizes.

  1. Do I need to continue wearing it after using it for a period of time?

Of course. It is a must! You must persist to sustain the result. Keep using the product can help you maintain a healthy body and a beautiful bodyline.

  1. I have only worn it for 20 days, but can now button the third button. Why would this happen? Is it because the product’s elasticity is not good?

He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is made of Irregular Elastic Gauze which elasticity can extend 9 times more than usual material. When you said you can button the third button after using it for 20 days, this is definitely not an elasticity issue, but the effective result that is taking place. Let’s say you were buttoning the first button initially and now you are buttoning the third button, this is the sign of the improvement – your size has become smaller and bodyline has improved, enabling you to fit into the piece by buttoning the third

    24.You allow trial wear. Is the product I purchase clean?

You can be rest assured on this as not everyone can try on our products. Most of the women who tried them would want to keep them. Besides, our product has anti-bacteria function, hence the product you purchase is guaranteed to be a clean and safe piece.

  1. What should I do if the Spectrum Shape-Up System is spoilt?
  • With the right wearing, cleaning and storage process, the product can last for two to three years.
  • If it is spoilt, you can purchase a new one with member price. It’s very worth it.
  • We encourage you to purchase a couple more sets for exchange, to prolong the lifespan of the
  1. I have not heard of this brand. Do you advertise?

A lot of the good brands do not advertise and were known via words of mouth. We believe that the product can speak for itself. The experiences and results of our testimonials demonstrate the goodness of our products and are the best advertisement ever.

  1. Can I purchase your products from the mall? Where can I buy them?

Our products are professional devices. In order to help the customers to know the products better, we need to offer one-on-one consultation, educating them on how to use the products and wear it accurately. Most importantly, we offer complete after-sales service.

  1. Who is the manufacturer of your products? Where is the factory located?

Canai (Hong Kong) International Technology Development Limited Berhad is an International company that researches and develops, manufactures, and markets its products, under one roof. Our factory is located in Guangzhou while products come from various high-end, large scaled factories under the investment of the company.

  1. Do I need to go on diet when wearing your product?

Instead of going on a diet, you should watch your diet. In order to have a healthy, beautiful bodyline, you should take more vegetables and fruits.

  1. Would it be uncomfortable wearing the vast nipper?

No, it would not. It is made of soft, flexible materials which can be bent accordingly to your shape. On top of this, our Waistline Shape-Up System is made up of segmented designs. When sitting, please be careful of the memory strip to avoid hurting the waist, causing uncomfortable feeling.

  1. I do not have much fat at my abdomen, but my spine is slightly bent, can I use the vast nipper?

Yes, you may, as the vast nipper does not only reshape the waistline, but to prevent the waist from deformation enabling the user to have a slim waistline. It can also help to restructure the spine, prevent hatchback and adjust sitting and standing posture.

  1. Is the improvement of the vast nipper significant?

Yes, it is. The results vary depending on the individual’s fat flex. In general, one can reduce her waistline by 3 to 6cm.