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1.The Basic Qualifications of a Spectrum Consultant

A Spectrum Consultant is a beauty and health designer and creator. She is also the messenger and ambassador of the beauty industry. Most of all, she is the front-liner and key salesperson of He&ME Spectrums System.

A Spectrum Consultant should have high standard and expectation. She determines the quality of work she delivers and the success of sales.

Therefore, besides being knowledgeable and understanding the body structure inner garment, skillful and experienced on the usage and benefits of He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System, and expert and professional in the body beauty and healthcare industries, a qualified Spectrum Consultant should

A Spectrum Consultant is a beauty and healthcare designer. The customer shall observe and review the qualification and profile of the Spectrum Consultant before deciding on which consultant to work with. Only after recognizing the qualification and profile of the Spectrum Consultant that the customer is confident and convinced by the suggestions recommended by the Spectrum Consultant. If the Spectrum Consultant is not qualified, the customer may suspect and question the effectiveness of He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System. Psychologically, she would reject the service and recommendation by the Consultant, causing the sales to fail before it even started.


also have the below qualifications and pre-requisites:
Should be the walking testimonty of beauty and health industries

  1. Should have high standard and the desire to excell
  2. Should have the best selling skill
  3. Should be decisive and able to manage problems by providing solutions
  4. Should be fully prepared before starting work

The above are the basic requirements of a Spectrum Consultant, and the pre-requisite of the company. We shall go into detail now.

Therefore, a Spectrum Consultant shall be presentable and professional. These are the basic requirements

2.The Professional Reputation of a Spectrum Consultant

A Spectrum Consultant is a beauty and healthcare designer. The customer shall observe and review the qualification and profile of the Spectrum Consultant before deciding on which consultant to work with. Only after recognizing the qualification and profile of the Spectrum Consultant that the customer is confident and convinced by the suggestions recommended by the Spectrum Consultant. If the Spectrum Consultant is not qualified, the customer may suspect and question the effectiveness of He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System. Psychologically, she would reject the service and recommendation by the Consultant, causing the sales to fail before it even started.

of a Spectrum Consultant. Presentable is not only limited to the appearance with a beautiful bodyline looking elegant and well-groomed, but also with excellent communication skill, wonderful spirit and a beautiful heart.

  1. Beauty at Heart

Beauty at Heart refers to having the right mindset.A Spectrum Consultant is a beauty and healthcare creator. This is a job with great mission. If a Spectrum Consultant does not have a good heart, she wouldnot be able to excel in her job. Hence, a Spectrum Consultant should have high moral value, positive philosophy in life, be passionate in teamwork, love life and respect herself and others. Beauty at heart is the beauty essence in a person. This beauty can be recognized via verbal communications, body language, action and behavior. These are things easily seen and observed by everyone and you cannot hide them.

A Consultant with a good heart is able to influence the customers. No one likes working with ignorant Consultant.

  1. Elegant

Elegance refers to the beauty of a person from her emotional aspect. Our target audience is usually female of upper income group. If the Consultants are not well-groomed, it would seriously hamper their interaction and communication with the customers. They would not be able to convince the customers to trust them, failing to close sales. Therefore, it is important for a Spectrum Consultant to be passionate and cheerful, having a healthy and good lifestyle. Meanwhile, she should also have high level of cultural ethic and adequate knowledge.

Elegance refers to the beauty of human nature. Elegance is able to enhance the charm of a normal-looking individual while enhancing the influence power of the Consultants.

  1. Beautiful Bodyline

Beautiful bodyline refers to the body shape of the Consultant. If the body shape of the Spectrum Consultant is not beautiful and attractive, they are unable to convince and proof the effective of the He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System to the customers. This would create queries and doubts.

  1. Polite Language

A Spectrum Consultant shall be equipped with excellent communication skill to convey accurate messages.A Spectrum Consultant should be professional during her conversation. She should select simple, refined, professional, warm, enthusiastic, motivating words when conversing with customers. She should also be honest, friendly, and caring. When recommending a product or answering questions, she should use noble, refined and influential words and tonality.

  1. Tranquil Spirit

Tranquil spirit refers to the expression and demeanor of a person.When talking to customers, a Spectrum Consultant should demonstrate her care to the customers. She should reflect her sincerity and faith in helping the customers to improve their body shape, not merely closing sales. A Smile from within is the core to having a tranquil spirit.

  1. Proper Make-Up

Proper Make-Up does not only refers to the make-up on your face, but also your appearance, including your dressing.This reflects the elegancy and professionalism of a Spectrum Consultant.

The basic make-up requirements of a Spectrum Consultant:

  • Wearing tidy and clean, standard approved or assigned work clothes
  • Maintaining high level of cleanliness, especially on the hair and outer appearance
  • Odorless
  • Wearing elegant make-up, looking friendly and warm
  • Avoid wearing watches, rings and any accessories that may hurt the customers

A standardized make-up and appearance reflects a good teamwork and culture of the company. This would enhance the overall charm of the Spectrum Consultants.

3.The Psychological Requirements of  a Spectrum Consultant

Excellent psychological qualities appear to be an excellent tool in today’s business activities as it could help guarantee the success in closing sales.

Excellent psychological quality is able to stimulate a person’s potential. Most importantly, it is able to convince the customers, building trust and preference. This would enable the customers to be trust and accept the service and recommendation from the Spectrum Consultants, enhancing the success of sales.

The basic foundation of having excellent psychological quality is to have confidence. This confidence includes having faith.

  1. Have faith in the company

Always believe that Canai is a good company, trusted and loved by its customers. The company is growing at fast pace and is an excellent work place. What you need to do is to work hard and take responsible in you work, and you would have development

  1. Have faith in the health and beauty concept offered by He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System

Believe that the health and beauty concept offered by He&ME Spectrums Shape-Up System is scientific, accurate and able to effectively improve the health and bodyline of the customers.

Every Spectrum Consultant is a messenger of the beauty and healthcare industries. Each of the Consultants is able to help the customers to improve their health through her hard work and effort, enabling the customers to become healthy, happier, more beautiful, more confident and more successful.

  1. Have faith in yourself

A Spectrum Consultant must believe that she is the best Spectrum Consultant and is able to provide accurate recommendation that suit and meet the needs of the customers. On top of this, she should also have her own success profile and loved by the customers. With these, closing sales would be easy and natural.

Meanwhile, a Spectrum Consultant should learn to relax. You should also know that the selling of any products requires skills. You may not be able to close every single sales. To the customers who may not buy at the first time, you job is to prepare them for the next visit by increasing the chance to close sales then. Don’t forget, sales begins with rejection.

  1. Have faith in the team of Canai Enterprise

Believe that you are working with a strong and united, high effectiveness and efficiency excellent team. In this team, everyone has her own value,responsibilities and duties. No one should ignore her duties, compare herself with others and should respect and love her job without highlighting objective opinions. Having equipped with these, she would be to obtain good results and receive rewards that she deserves. The amount of reward one is to receive is determined by the amount of hard work she invested in. One would not be successful if she is unwilling to sacrifice, and awaits for others to offer the opportunity to her.

     5. Have faith in the customers

Believe that every customer is sincere and has the need to purchase our products. We need to show them that we are passionate and sincere by offering the best service and doing our job. Most customers would buy from us. And for those who are yet to purchase, they just needed more information and time to check opinions and consider. Sometimes, they may also need to save for the purchase. Everything we do would make our customers happy, leading to the closing of sales. The sales depends on the sincerity shown.

4.The atmosphere of a He&ME Spectrums Operation Center

In most cases, customers would judge the company based on the impression she has on the set-up and outfit of the operation center (shop/working area) and our team of Spectrum Consultants.

The impression formed would determine the close of sales.

With the variety of brands and multiple selections customers have in this economical, competitive modern era, no one would purchase from a store nor a representative that they do not like.

Therefore, building an environment that customers prefer and work towards building a professional image demonstrating the quality of our Spectrum Consultant are the beginning of closing the sales. And the key element here is the selling skills.

  1. Maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the working area, including the floor, table top, and wall. The product display, and display order should always been refreshed. Items used should be returned to its original place.
  2. The cup used to serve the customers should be thrown away after the customers left. Staff members should not be eating at the working area to avoid having leftover or smell in the area, creating discomfort and unpleasant feeling to the next customer who walks in. Spectrum Consultants should be highly passionate about their job at all time and should always be prepared to serve any customer who walks at anytime.
  3. When a customer walks in, every staff member in the shop should start smiling and bow with clear and gentle greeting, such as: “How are you, welcome to Canai International” etc. Greetings done by one or two consultants may display the lack of team spirit within the company. It could diminish the reputation the company is working to form. A team greeting would make the customers feel comfortable as if she has just walked into the best company. This would increase their confidence, easing the close of sales at our center.
  4. Try to clear and reduce customer’s anxiety when they walk into the shop. Generally, all customers would enter the shop with different level and nature of anxiety. These anxiety could be categorized to the below, which needs to be handed differently.
  • Self-abased

Self-abased is the most commonly seen anxiety. A person would be self-abased because of her imperfect body shape, appearance or financial capability. Nobody likes to be looked down. We should show our sincerity through a humble manner, making them feel that this is a place that could make them feel good. We must also, professionally explain the necessity and value of their investment to the customers.

  • Paranoid

Paranoid would make one reject anything that they are not familiar with. The best way to solve problems caused by paranoid is effective testimonies. Therefore, you should try to talk them into our measurement and trial process, which seems to be the only way that could convince them.

Remember not to argue with people who are paranoid. To them, a debate is useless. Even if you win the debate at the end, you would lose the customer.

  • Hesitate

Hesitation could cause anxiety, making it hard for them to decide. They may have many questions, and would not leave the store nor would they purchase. To handle this type of customers, you need to be patient, keep your friendliness, and show your passion because this is the type of customers we called the “indecisive” customers. Indecisive people are prone to follow the majority. When this happens, the representatives in the center should talk to customer in a group to persuade her into buying. This would increase the chance of purchase. Remember not to push to close sales by forcing the customers to feel satisfied. This could cause doubts.

These doubts are controversial yet unify — Quality versus price. It is common to doubt the quality of the product because of its price. Usually, the customers would question: “How good are your products?” and “How much are they?”

The best way to solve this psychological doubt is going through the specification with them. What is shown in the specification is proven and fixed. This will then help to resolve the doubt.

To handle this type of customer, we should show them our sincerity and passion, together with the strength and specification of the company, including our rules and regulations, discount policy, quality control and product warranty, etc. Remember not to argue with the customers. This would increase the risks of doubt and possibility to decision changes.

The store manager should join the Spectrum Consultants at the right time to clear up the doubts. Serve customers with great sincerity and invite them to have a sit as soon as they walk in. Sitting the customers down could increase the time they spend in the shop, increasing the chance for us to explain our products to them.

In order to show our respect and explain our products to the customers, Spectrum Consultant should sit next to the customers instead of sitting facing them. Remember to serve the customer with water or tea. Make sure your compliment the customers of their strong point(s).

5.Spectrum Consultants must be able to effectively
manage and solve problems

Customers signify the society. They reflect the different human phenomena in the world. In some cases, problems may occur during the sales process, and Spectrum Consultants must be able to explain and manage these problems effectively.

  • When customers become unreasonable, Spectrum Consultants must not argue nor reflect frustration. In fact, they should listen to the client’s need patiently and begin their explanation with `yes’ to buy in. Then continue with `but’ to further clarify and provide accurate information and explanation. Arguing with the customers would only intensify the contradictions, complicating the problems. Spectrum Consultants should be open minded and always make ways for the customers.

When the customer is indecisive and unable to make a purchase decision, invite the customer to try the products and use the effectiveness of the products to convince them. Trial is the beginning of sales.

  • When a customer seems to be rushing or busy, cut to the chase and do not waste time. Spectrum Consultant should just concentrate on the core focus of the messages and offer promotional gifts and pass on your business card.
  • When a customer is unsure of the model and size she needs, Spectrum Consultant should offer her professional assistance, giving accurate and precise
  • When a customer shows that she does not have enough to pay for the product, Spectrum Consultant to book with deposit, take down her address and contacts, and set an appointment with the customer for delivery or re-schedule a new pick-up time.
  • When a customer is picky, Spectrum Consultant should be patient, passionate and sincere. The consultant should slowly and carefully explain every single detail without rushing or showing her frustration. Convert the mindset with sincerity and friendliness.Good sales record seems to be the best motivation.

6. Well-prepared for work

There is a significant difference between jobs done with preparation and without preparation.Full preparation before starting work smoothens the process of work, increasing the interest in the customers towards us and our shop, leading to the closing of sales.

Spectrum Consultants should be well-prepared (taking consideration of the below) before starting work:

  • Mood Control

There are ups and downs in life, but we should adjust our mood by reminding ourselves that it is time to start work and our performance would help to close sales, hence giving us higher pay and satisfaction. We should put aside all the unpleasant incidents that we met and convince our customers with a positive and healthy mood, creating outstanding sales revenue.should offer her console and advise for the customer

  • Put on an even and pleasant looking make-up Check and make sure that your hair is clean and tidy; your nails are neatly trimmed to avoid hurting the customers or damaging company’s products; and ensure that your mouth is clean to avoid smell that could cause discomfort. Make sure your attire is clean and tidy to meet the professionalism and standard reputation of the company, leaving a good and impressive image to the customers. The customer would not buy from you if they do not have good impression on you.
  • Be well-prepared on the selling skill and job Think and examine to ensure that you have all the systematic and detailed data and information on hand.