After-sales tracking service:

Long-term follow-up and after-sales service is provided to the customer. After the initial improvement of the customer’s figure, a new galley spectrum instrument is selected for the customer again to improve the customer’s figure to a perfect state and keep it for life. This is a very important part of the spectrum design.

1. Enhance the company’s and spectrum consultants’ relationship with customers, so that customers become loyal customers by becoming dependent on the company and spectrum consultants.

2. Through the tracking and guidance of the spectrum consultant, make the guests stick to the correct wearing of the galley spectrum instrument, so that the figure can be rapidly improved and the guests’ confidence can be increased, so that they can buy again.

3. Reflect the responsible spirit of the company and spectrum consultants to the customers, and urge them to bring relatives and friends to the store for purchase.

Main contents of after-sales tracking service:

1. Encourage the guests to wear clothes for more than 8 hours every day, and inform them that if they can keep wearing clothes for 16 hours every day, they can quickly improve their figure. Make the guests understand that they must wear the gale spectrum instrument in the morning in the correct way and procedure and make the dial adjustment. After each hand-washing, the lower body should be adjusted again.

2. Provide after-sales tracking service to customers on time; ask and understand the dressing and toning practices of the customers; if the dressing and toning techniques are not correct, correct them immediately or provide door-to-door service.

3. Encourage customers to return to the store every 3 days within 10 days after the sales, and accept review and guidance.

4. Mobilize the customer to return to the store for guidance and measurement every half month within 3 months after purchase, and then insist on returning to the store every month, accepting review, measurement and guidance until the end of life.

5. When the customer’s body shape has been preliminarily improved and the original purchased galley spectrum instrument is no longer suitable due to the improvement of the customer’s body shape, the customer is encouraged to purchase the appropriate galley spectrum instrument again and explain the disadvantages of refusing to update and the advantages of replacing.

6. Prevent guests from wearing ordinary and decorative underwear that will damage the body shape again, so as to avoid the improved body shape being damaged again.

7. Encourage guests to bring relatives and friends to the shop to buy the galley spectrum instrument.

8. Remember the birthday of the customer and congratulate the customer according to the company regulations.

On the first day, I asked the guests about their clothes, explained the adjustment period, and emphasized the necessity of return visit.

The next day one by one telephone concern can.

On the third day, the guests were told to go back to the store for consultation, which was the best time to communicate with the guests.